The Douche of Wall Street: How Arya Toufanian Scams Innocent Investors

Op-ed by QuantumStocks

July 10, 2019

The Beginning: I’m Shmacked

If you have recently attended or graduated from College, you have likely heard of the viral Instagram account titled “I’m Shmacked”. This page, whose first college party video was published in 2012, quickly gained thousands upon thousands of followers and became the de-facto page for impressionable college kids to look at who were looking to have a good time while they attended college. The page was even featured in the New York Times. It wasn’t just videos though; I’m Shmacked also began to host events like this and like this, where they quickly gained a reputation for inciting riots and selling tickets to events without even having a venue, among other things. Despite these facts, the “I’m Shmacked” Instagram account is still Verified, with 1 million followers as of writing.

“Essentially, the night proved to be nothing much more than a standard college party. Videos online make a viewer expect an entirely new experience with the I’m Shmacked tour, but those at the party likely left disappointed. James Prusha, administrative lieutenant for the Kent Police Department, said prior to the event, he heard representatives from other cities say the event is not as big of a deal as the promoters of the video make it seem, and it appears Prusha was right.”       

     – Jimmy Miller of KentWired.com

Getting Scammier…

The owner of I’m Shmacked, Arya Toufanian, is certainly proficient at taking money from people over the internet through elaborate, hyped-up schemes. While still having the influence of a Verified Instagram account, but clearly lacking in the event-planning arena, Arya has found other ways to spread his brand. There are incidents of an I’m Shmacked “Ambassador” program, whereby the official I’m Shmacked Instagram account will reach out to users and ask them to pay between $300 to $1000 to be a part of their “Ambassador” program. While Arya has used his usual tactics to keep details of the Ambassador program under wraps (users were contacted via DM), the fact remains that having to pay to work for somebody is synonymous with multi-level marketing – everybody’s favorite knife-selling part-time jobs that are directed mostly at college students. While material facts and details from this incident are sparse, Quantum was able to find an exclusive inside source who was able to verify that the Ambassador program was, in fact, a scam.

Arya Toufanian: Discord Madmin

UPDATED 7/10/19: Arya is back with another scam program on instagram. Now the handle is @sensastocks. Make no mistake, this is the exact same scam, back for round 3 – in fact, the logo hasn’t even changed!

Thinking like a real scammer, Arya decided to enter into the stock advice space with his @aryastocks program (formerly @stocks), in which he uses the influence of his I’m Shmacked account to pedal his “exclusive” stock advice.  The story of these scammy trading servers is long and illustrious. We owe it to the public to expose these elaborate schemes such as this, and have created our program Quantum Stocks with the goal of providing real, time-relevant, valuable trading information to our members. Arya is currently charging brand-new, unsuspecting investors up to $500 (previously up to $1000+) for access to a Discord server with virtually zero activity, with promises of stock scanners and helpful admins that are virtually non-existent. Each package, regardless of price, gets you access to the same chat room… yep, you read that right: the $500 package is IDENTICAL to the $60 option. Furthermore, he has stolen content from free Discord servers and posted it in his paid Discord. The real icing on the cake, however, is the fact that he claims these are one-time charges – which numerous, numerous members have verified to be entirely false, proving that Arya is unresponsive to even the most basic of skepticisms.

Also worth nothing is his former @aryateaches program, in which he would charge his “students” as much as $1500 to “teach” them how to use Shopify. As you can probably infer by this point, there was nothing but disappointment and confusion following the launch of @aryateaches. Upon receiving thousands of dollars from each “student,” Arya quite literally had them peddling an Instagram bot which he claimed was proprietary (but in reality costs $5 month from an outside source) for upwards of $99 per month. Think about this for a second. Not only did Arya scam his “students” by charging them thousands to set up a Shopify store (something anyone can do for free in less than 5 minutes), he went a step further by creating a pyramid scheme of scams in which his students (unbeknownst to them) were effectively scamming even more people!

Enter Quantum Stocks, a trusted resource for education and camaraderie among like-minded traders. It has been our duty since day one to provide our members with quality information and services at a reasonable price to foster a community of winning traders. We are tired of seeing innocent victims get scammed by Arya Toufanian, and will not stop spreading awareness to the matter until he is unable to scam again. Our Quantum Stocks chat room is free to join for those who are skeptical (and rightfully so) as a result of scams like Arya’s, with the option to upgrade to a premium role later if you are satisfied with what we have to offer. Our premium membership includes daily watch lists and buy/sell alerts, live streams of our custom Trade Ideas scanners, active chat rooms for each type of trading, daily insights from our team of successful traders, carefully selected educational resources, and much more. For those of you who have been scammed by Arya, we created a guide on how to get your money back, which we offer for free in our Discord server as well, and have helped countless people recover the funds that were stolen from them.  

Investors should be aware that fraudsters may use social media to impersonate an established source of market information…When you receive investment information through social media, verify the identity of the underlying source.                                               

      – SEC.gov


As law-abiding traders, and law-abiding citizens of the United States of America, Quantum Stocks owes a public duty to the Securities and Exchange Commission – to uphold their warnings and recommendations in order to protect the honest, hard-working investors that have decided to build a brighter future for themselves through financial education. Arya Toufanian, we know you will read this. All we want to do is teach people. Leave the stock trading Discord space ALONE and let the real adults take care of it.

Please browse this extensive library of screenshot proof that Arya is scamming people to this day

(usernames and profile pictures have been redacted to protect the victims’ privacy)

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